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SCD Forums Rules
Forum Rules
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

SCD Forums Global Rules

Below are the Global Rules, including the infractions (number of points and duration; 6 infraction points results in a ban) associated with each violation:

No Spam

Posts that are irrelevant to or inappropriate for the topic of discussion are considered spam, including off-topic posts/threads, posts with no substantive content, posts that simply restate things that have already been said, and posts that include questions that have already been answered. Typically we donít mind so much about the 10 character minimum that vBulletin requires, since there isnít much to add if youíre simply submitting a challenge entry, but do please try to add substantial content to your posts.

Examples of specific content that is disallowed and considered "spam" include:

  • "I'm new!" threads and "I'm leaving!" threads;
  • Thread titles with excessive characters/punctuation, including multiple exclamation points;
  • Threads that duplicate other, recent threads (within 6 months). Before posting a new thread, use the search function to see if a similar thread already exists;
  • Threads about individual members;
  • Threads about members' ages or genders;
  • Re-posting a post or thread that has recently been closed or deleted, or asking why a post or thread was closed or deleted. These questions should be directed to the room moderators via private message;
  • Multiple posts in a row. If you wish to add/modify content you have already posted, use the "edit" function. Accidental double posts are okay, simply report your post so it can be properly dealt with;
  • Posts that are meant to "bump" threads to the top of the thread listing, especially particularly old or particularly new threads.
  • Spam, minor - 1 point, 5 days;
  • Spam, major - 3 point, 14 days;
  • Spam, excessive - Permanent ban;
  • Purposeful Multi-posting - 2 points, 7 days;

No Flaming/Trolling

Respect other users. Flaming (insulting, heated arguing with) other members is not allowed. Demeaning or derogatory comments based on race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, or gender will not be tolerated. Physical threats against and repeated harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. If another user is flaming or harassing you, you should not retaliate--instead, report it to a moderator.

Trolling (intentionally instigating trouble or provoking others through outrageous statements) is not permitted.

  • Flaming, minor - 1 point, 5 days;
  • Flaming - 2 points, 10 days;
  • Trolling - 2 points, 14 days;
  • Harassment - Permanent ban, subject to administrator's discretion;

No Excessive Profanity or Inappropriate Material.

Do not post content that is excessively vulgar, profane, graphic, or violent in nature. We donít really mind profanity in and of itself; however, there is a point at which it becomes less useful to convey a message and more simply annoying. Pornography and other sexually explicit material is strictly prohibited.

If in doubt about whether some content is permissible under this rule, ask a moderator before posting it.

  • Excessive profanity Ė 1 point, 5 days;
  • Inappropriate content, mild - 1 point, 5 days;
  • Inappropriate content, major - 3 points, 14 days;
  • Pornography/explicit images - Permanent ban, subject to administrator's discretion;

No Blatant Advertising

Advertising web sites, goods, or services via the Sonic Cage Dome (including through posts, threads, private messages, social groups, and other methods) without express, advance permission from an Administrator is prohibited. Accounts that are created solely for the purpose of advertising will be permanently banned.

Exceptions to this rule include links that are clearly and materially related to the topic at hand; for example, posting a link to a pre-registration page for a tournament is acceptable, as is linking to a personal site featuring one's artwork in a relevant thread. Nothing may be sold through SCD-Online without explicit permission from an Administrator. If in doubt about whether some content is permissible under this rule, contact Strong Bad.

  • Advertising violation, minor - 2 points, 5 days;
  • Advertising violation, major - Permanent ban, subject to administrator's discretion;

Signature Rules

Signature images should not be excessively large in file size or stretch the page horizontally. Do not post your signature if it exceeds the size of your post itself; your signature may be automatically disabled if you try to enable it on a particularly short post.

  • Signature Violation - 1 point, 3 days;

No Plagiarism or Stealing of Work

Posts that steal the work of others are strictly prohibited. Do not take a challenge entry or submission from another user and attempt to pass it off as your own. When (read: when, not if) a submission is found out to violate this rule, the user may be permanently banned from challenges or the whole of SCD-Online itself. Additionally, do not take credit for work that is not yours (also known as plagiarism).

  • Copyright Violation - 3 points, 14 days;
  • Submission violation - 3 points, 30 days; permanent ban possible, subject to administrator's discretion;

No Alternate or Impersonator Accounts

Individuals are prohibited from holding more than one account without express, advance permission from the staff. Alternate accounts may be banned without warning. Any infractions that are issued to alternate accounts may be reissued to the corresponding primary account, in addition to other punishments. Do not create a new account to get around a ban or other punishment; these punishments will simply be extended or made permanent.

Accounts created to impersonate other individuals are not permitted.

If you have any questions that are not covered by the rules above, please contact a moderator or administrator.

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 05:29 PM.

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