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SCD Hookup Announcements

Hey guys Ziz here,

It's definitely been a long time since I've done anything on this website, but I've got some news and updates. We're planning on cutting back costs, and since this website is hardly active all, I think that its safe that its become an archive.

So, the plan is that we're going to switch servers before the end of the year, whenever I have the time to do so. Now what will happen is that we'll probably just update this same website on there and just let it there as an archive. However, if someone wishes to work with it some more, then they are free to start up a new SCD from scratch....


TSC & SCD at the Olympic Spring Games online tournaments!

Online Events for TSC & SCD at the Olympic Spring Games! Click to find out rules, tourney formats, and how to register!

Tournament: Sonic Rush Adventure

SCD's first ever Nintendo DS tournament. Compete for top prizes playing Rush Adventure.

Tournament: Mega Bomberman!

SCD's Christmas celebrations! Take part in the always exciting Bomberman tournament!

Sonic Cage Dome Time Trial Tournament

Get ready for beating the clock before the others!

Sonic Cage Dome League: Season 2008/09

The Sonic Cage Dome Gaming League is now unleashed!


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thanks for coming again . . .

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game genie || Last post by: Aynnronald
waiting for new one like this

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why cant use th . . .

Sonic Whirlwind || Last post by: Aynnronald
same too u . . .